Online casino live baccarat real money games: basic rules, wins and strategies

Baccarat attracts lots of players because of its simple rules and engaging gameplay. It allows you to win in just ten seconds after the beginning of a new round. You can play online casino live baccarat real money games with live dealer, which will deliver incredible gaming experience. It’s like gambling in real offline casino, but with all the comforts of home.

Online casino live baccarat real money games: rules and payouts

It’s really an easy thing to learn playing this card game. Here is what you have to note:

  1. The main idea is to guess who’ll win: banker, gambler or none of them.
  2. Player/dealer wins in online casino live baccarat real money card game when he has the closest to 9 combination.
  3. Every card has its own value. Pictures and 10 is equal to 0. Numbers are evaluated according to their denomination. Ace gives 1 point.
  4. Initially both gambler and banker draw two cards. Then they can get one more under certain circumstances.
  5. There are 3 main bets: player wins, dealer wins and tie. Some casino slots also offer side bets on certain combinations and outcomes.

Real money baccarat round starts with the bet on one of 3 available fields. Then 2 cards are drawn by both banker and player. If the combination on this stage is 8/9 and the other party has a lower one, it means natural win. When a gambler has 6/7 in his/her hand no more cards are drawn. The third card is given in case the combination gives 0-5 points. The rules of drawing 3rd card for banker are a bit more complicated and depend on the players hand. Note that when the total sum exceeds 10, only the second digit in the number is counted.

Online casino live baccarat real money betting strategies

Before we’ll talk about any strategy, it should be mentioned that there are several online casino live baccarat real money slots available, including such casino games like Chemin De Fer, Baccarat Mini, Punto Banco, Three Card Baccarat, Super Pan 9, Baccarat En Banque and European Baccarat.

So, can you make money playing baccarat? The answer is Yes, if you bet wisely. Follow these tips to increase your chances to win:

  1. Consider house edge while betting. It is 1.06% for banker, 1.26% for player and 14.4% for tie.
  2. Each wager type has its own probability level. For dealer it’s 45.8%, for gambler the ratio is 44.6%, while tie outcome has approximately 9.6% probability.
  3. Banker and player bets pay 1 to 1. Tie delivers 8x reward. Also, there is a 5% commission on banker bet wins.
  4. It would be wise to use money management so that you wager according to your budget.
  5. It’s almost impossible to count cards, especially when you gamble online.

Baccarat real money slots may deliver really big wins. You cant use card-management strategies here, cause there are rules that regulate the number of cards that will be drawn. At the same time, you can develop various betting system, or use existing ones like positive, negative or flat. The first methods presumes you bet more when you win. The second is quite opposite. You hope that betting more will cover previous losses. Flat strategy means you use a fixed bet amount. It’ll also be wise to use side bets, if they’re available. You can bet low and win a lot of money this way.

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