Community Development

This episode of More than Money focuses on community development. We talk with three guest speakers: Ellis Carr, Sue Compton, and Valarie Jonas.

Ellis Carr, the CEO of Capital Impact Partners, has spent more than two decades addressing the social and economic justice issues that impact underserved communities through his work in the financial services and community development sectors.

CEOs at Axis Healthcare, Sue Compton and Valarie Jonas help support their company’s mission: to provide the right care at the right time and the right place in the most cost-effective manner so that people with disabilities live healthy lives.

Caring for more than the company, these CEOs help those who need it most. Tune in to learn more about these CEOs and their work. Are you a part of or know of a business serving your community? Tell us about your company, and you can appear on a future episode of More than Money.

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