Welcome to More Than Money - The Podcast That Challenges You to Use Your Values to Inform How You Engage With Work And Invest Your Wealth

The Heart of Our Show

Our show is designed around six domains: (1) faith and values-based investing, (2) community development, (3) social entrepreneurship, (4) corporate social responsibility, (5) economic justice, and (6) business ethics.

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Our Guests

We have the best job in the world because everyday we get to talk to extraordinary people. And for us, these guests are extraordinary not necessarily because of who they are-- but are extraordinary because of what they do.

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We Aim To Inspire

We ask you to invest 30 minutes in each episode, and in that time we introduce you to a topic designed to inspire you to think. That is-- to think about the idea that work and wealth are about More Than Money.

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In our inaugural season, one of our reviewers dubbed us as a “thinking person’s guide to work and wealth.” That moniker has stuck with us as an inspiration for the creation of Season 2 of the show.  We hope that this short trailer peeks your interest and nudges you to invest some time in listening to the show here on our website or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen and subscribe here or anywhere you download your podcasts. We welcome you to our iTunes family of listeners.